The fishing village of Dervishire is located on the eastern coast of Galvania. It is in the county Alpeh on the delta of the Anondack River. It is a moderately sized village of approximately 250-300 permanent residents, who’s main income is fishing and hospitality.


Three Families make up the bulk of Dervishire’s Land owners. The Darris, Bridgeton, and Montgomery families.













Von Carris

Main village

The main village centers radially around the Torchlit Beacon. In the main square there are the Church of Light, The Spicy Haddok Tavern, the Market square and the Smithy. Further back from this inner ring is the Barber Shop the Town Stables and some small houses.

The Docks

If you walk to the south east taking the cobbled road you find yourself at the docks. A series of six docks, a Harbormasters office and the town Warehouse

Next to the docks is a small beach with a sectioned off area for swimming in the summer and a dry docking area in the winter. This beach also serves as one of the primary repair location for the ships that make berthing in the town.

The Farms

To the north and west the city resoles into farmland. Three major farms comprise the bulk of the farms closest to the city. Those are owned by the Bridgeton Family and operated by families that rent the land in exchange for farming rights. The Bridgetons themselves live on one of the farms and maintain it.

Manor Hill

to the south and west is Manor hill. The location of most of the homes in the area. The largest of the homes belonging to the Stark-Smiths a large wealthy merchant family that provided much of the initial land and funding for the small town. Manor hill is considered the “nice” part of town if there is one and rally only consists of about four or five large houses on the hill. the Stark-Smiths, Derris, and Montgomery families share the hill with the Von Carris family who have held the title of magistrate in the area for three generations.

The Derris mill

To the north of the city there is a path that leads up through several smaller homes to the Derris mill. The trip takes about a half day and winds through the Rahkham Woods The Mill is one of the central areas of employment year round and provides the county with most of its Lumber.


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