Allowed Books

Allowed Books

Starting Character Creation
Players Hand Book 3.5 Classes, Racial Modifiers, Feats, Skills, Equipment, Spells
Players Hand Book II Classes, Feats, Equipment

Unearthed Arcana

The following sections and special rules will be available. All of these rules count as Pending GM approval unless marked with hr at which point they are an “House rule” of the game.

  • Bloodlines1 |19
  • Racial Paragon Classes |32
  • Variant Character Classes |47
  • Character Traits hr |86
  • Character Flaws hr |91
  • Vitality and Wound Points hr |115
  • Out of Turn Dodge hr |118
  • Incantations hr |174
  • NO SR against Energy Damage hr |174
  • Contacts |179
  • Reputation hr |180
  • Honor (Free Form) hr |186
  • Sanity |194

1 Bloodlines will be assigned randomly if the option is selected.

Obviously this introduces several new rules and systems but is meant for this sort of lower powered starting game, and in the end balances things out considering the starting character’s abilities.

House Rules

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Allowed Books

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