Return To The Shattered Earth

Thomas Journal 2

Goddess Blush: Durvishire

Gelid and I came back into town, bringing Aaron Daris to the temple to see if my father could do anything to help him. He gave us a list to bring to Goody Wilder, so we left Aaron there with my father and Lida, and went to Goody Wilder’s place. On the front porch we ran into her neice Charese, who is our age, and we told her some about what happened. She told us we should tell her auntie, so when we went inside and gave Goody Wilder the note from my father, we told her what happened. She didn’t seem surprised, and told us that things would be all right, then gave us the herbs to bring back to my father. We returned them home and went outside to sit by the Torchiere.

While sitting there, we heard Jo Fisher yelling behind the market. We ran to help him, and found him struggling with a horrible thing! It was small, but made out of tentacles and mouths – one of the things beneath the floor! We helped him grab onto it, and Charese stabbed it, while I pounded on it with a cudgel. After a long fight, we killed it and then Mr. Ironhammer told the guards to wrap it up, and we took Jo to the temple to help him get healed. By then the alarm had been raised, and we grabbed lanterns, then sat outside on the stoop, keeping watch over the square.

We saw some other kids run out of the church – Leon Barber, Kaleb Farmer, and Elias, the elf. They ran out into the night, and we called after them to take a lantern with them – that the monsters were afraid of the light. We ran outside too, carrying lanterns as we heard shouts and fighting – we could no longer sit by while others were fighting and dying in the night. We started setting fires to illuminate the shadowy areas behind buildings, and then heard shouts of the older kids in trouble. We ran up to find Leon, Kaleb and Elias fighting what used to be Stephan and Twig – and in Stephan’s case, casting spells. We surrounded them and started pounding on the two who used to be bullies, causing the creatures inside them to burst out and try to escape… but we grabbed them and smashed them into a pulp. By then, we noticed that the fires on Manse Hill were out, so we lit our lanterns from the hearth in the center of town and ran the circuit through town to the hill, where a huge battle was taking place. We paid less attention to the battle than to the extinguished Torchiere, lighting it in its order while the darkness beyond attempted to put it back out again. Whenever we faltered, magical bolts flew out of the night to strike us, severely wounding whoever they struck. I jumped in front of some bolts to shield Charese from them so she could complete the ritual, knocking me down and I passed out from the pain. When I woke, the fires were lit and the adults helped us to get back to the chapel, telling us we did well.



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