Return To The Shattered Earth

Gelid's Journal

Goddess Blush (3rd Day of Ice) 9 Days until Darkestnacht

Afternoon: Church

Went to visit Thomas at his father’s place of worship… Thomas is a nice boy but I honestly would have spent time studying, but father says I am too cloistered. Thomas agreed to help me get a few trinkets to sacrifice for Wee Jas, he’s been pinching his coppers, the boy has 1.5 gp!

Afternoon: Thoroughfare

Two merchants seemed nice enough, but the first one we talked too seemed a tad insulting as he tried to pass off glass and pewter as fine gold and rubies. Thomas suggested we have another chat with the merchant… But only after one of the Stark-Smith women was duped into purchasing a bauble that was scarcely worth what she shelled out. Thomas tried to “help” the merchant by telling the error of his ways, the boy must learn that callousness cannot be chastised away. Another merchant seemed more amendable to dealing with us… He looks interesting, and his cart is quite clever, I liked him immediately. Anthony Grimauldi was his name, but I think we got the better of him on a ring I selected…I think it may be magical, and we got a second ring in the deal for free to boot! All was going well and the day seemed quite productive until the four most horrid boys in town descended upon us. Wayland Carver tried to take the special ring from Thomas, and it was at that point I remembered the looks on the same set of mongrels faces the night they tied me to a scarecrow two harvest moons ago… It was then I had just about enough of their years worth of taunting, being beaten, being robbed, and being called the blue kid… So I punched him in his stupid pig nose. Stephen Montgomery grabbed Thomas from behind which was the wrong thing to do, too bad about Steph’s nose. Poor Thomas, I felt so weak watching as Aaron Daris wrenched our good ring away after “Tadpole” Stark-Smith dealt my friends, um sensitive area, a savage kick with his cruel pointed boot. Doug Ironhammer, the town smith helped us after it was too late and the bullies ran off, but he gave us ale and condolences. Mr. Ironhammer is such a nice man and so generous, he gave us a ring worth possibly thousands of gp… He said it might very well burn those hooligans britches when we sacrifice this ring, which was undoubtedly more wondrous than the stolen property could hope to be. Amazing, truly amazing.

Mid Afternoon: The Docks

Mr. Ironhammer had us go down to the docks to fetch some cooping supplies in the dockside warehouse. Its only right that we help him out after giving us that beautiful ring. We saw My Vance on at his usual position near the coast, but he was strange today, might as well see what is bothering him. !!!!Jack Vance is dead!!!! He was frozen solid, yet there was no overpowering cold!!! He just fell over right down onto the rocks!!! Mr. Ironhammer came back to the docks with us while his daughter Lita guarded his stall. I am so glad he is with us, there is something comforting in how he carries himself, maybe its the gloves? I really like his gloves, they look mean, and intimidating, and mean… Maybe I should talk to him after sorting out the whole frozen people situation that has arisen… The stolen ring seems so petty now that Jack Vance is dead. But the body has been moved (or dragged)under the docks… Must ask Mr. Ironhammer about being a pit fighter in Hartsreel, he said to ask him about it later in the pub… Oh dear Wee Jas spare us this day…

Near Dark: The Warehouse

The supplies we needed are in the warehouse above the docks, it’s a simple matter going into the warehouse, right? I mean there hasn’t been a monster seen in 6 generations, so there is probably a perfectly reasonable explanation for Mr. Vance being frozen solid and dragged into the water below the docks… I am glad I have the piton, now to search for what Mr. Ironhammer needed. We get all the supplies from various parts of the warehouse and load up when the bullies showed up again with our ring, and Twig seems to have broken it after reading some incantation inside of it… But dear Gods, the poor boy was pulled under the floorboards by some tentacled deamon!!!! And Stephen, oh dear stupid Stephen and his magic, he was taken as well!!! Mr. Ironhammer didn’t believe us entirely, even when Stephen and Twig CAME OUT WITH THE GUARDS WHO SEARCHED THE WAREHOUSE!!!!! But he urged us to keep the ring on at all times… The night seems darker now…. Darkestnacht is 8 short days away… Gods help us all…

Gelid’s Journal:

Goddess Blush (3rd Day of Ice) 9 Days until Darkestnacht

Nightfall: Thoroughfare

Walking back to the thoroughfare was odd, I kept thinking about my birthday coming up on the 13th… I never thought I would doubt seeing my 11th year… Things are so strange after seeing Stephen and Twig being torn apart by that thing under the docks. I really must speak again with Mr. Ironhammer, being near him makes me feel brave, or at least less scared. We ran into Charise Wilder near the center of town, I never really talked to her but she is a nice girl and she listened, really listened, but what’s more, she believed. And Jo, the giant green ball of wonderful snuck up on us near the main bonfire, he does wonders to calm my troubled mind. He really is a kind soul. But more importantly Charise says her aunt Goody might believe what happened. Thomas said he dropped poor Aaron off at the church and now we have a second reason to see Ms. Wilder, apparently she has herbs that would be of benefit to the Daris boy…

After Dark: Goody Wilder’s house

Thomas told her what we saw and gave her the note containing the list of herbs we needed, she seemed disheartened. She said under her breath, “So young, such a shame.” As se found the herbs we needed. And for a moment Goody wilder was completely lucid, or at least as much as I ever heard her sound when she told Charise to stay with Thomas and I… So strange, I never though hearing a “crazy” old lady speak so clearly would give me such a chill… She knows something, and so does Rowan, Charise’s older brother. It wasn’t so much what he said but how he said, “You take care of yourself.” to his sister. Bad things are coming and everyone seems to feel it.

After Dark: Chapel

Aaron is stable, but Lita is helping him as best as he can with the root mixture Goody gave us. So sad… We really can’t help any more..

After dark: Thoroughfare

Approaching the great fire Charise heard Jo struggling with someone so of course we rushed to his aid. Bully me if you want, but no one bullies Jo! He was struggling with something in the dark… it was one of those damned tentacle monsters!!! We grappled with it for what seemed like hours, but couldn’t have been more than a minute or so, damn the thing can wriggle! I held it as best as I could with Jo and Thomas as Charise stabbed and bludgeoned the abomination to death!!! Now the grown ups believe us when we point at the things corpse, only when it is nearly too late! When we pulled down the tarps around the great fire more of the tentacled fiends skittered into the darkness. We gathered the children in the church and were blessed by Thomas’ father but the two Carver boys ran off despite the danger, thankfully Thomas gave them a lantern and spoke of the monsters fear of light. The damn town is falling apart with panic, poor Charise was clearly stirred by fear, but hopefully she won’t be reckless… I can see the fear in her eyes. So much confusion, we had to do something so we lit a fire to push back the darkness, but luck would have it that we saw the Carver boys again fighting along side of the Farmer boy as the battled Twig’s vile imposter. I feel horrid for what happened to the real boy, so now it is time for retribution on this abomination! Damn that horrid doppelganger of Stephen, hit me with magic missiles in the back! It appears we have a fantastic strategy, light the buggers on fire or grab onto them and stomp it into paste! The deamon inhabiting Stephen decided to move to more agreeable climes and vacated the boy’s body most violently. It attempted to inhabit Thomas but Charise was stronger than the beast, it was at this time we enacted our newfound and soon to be time honored strategy. So much death, and whats more, Stephen was using spells of the dead, Necromancy! The creatures controlling the boys aren’t able to cast spells on their own, otherwise the beasts would have flung all manner of arcane arts at us when we wrestled one with Jo. Stephen must have studied Necromancy!!! As we brought Elias to the Church, in a maddened ramble he mentioned relighting the torches so we must head to Manse Hill where the torches have indeed gone out! Charise lit her lantern from the central Hearth, which reminded me, this is the Rite of Passing… It must be done properly, so I ordered the torch bearers to run a distance equivalent to marching around the town. It must be done right!!! Upon arriving to manse hill, there was a terrible battle underway and some form of vile spell caster attempting to douse the torches we lit. That Charise is nimble, she dodges his spells with grace! Leon jumped in the way of a vicious volley and barely survived. Thomas was nearly killed when he took a volley aimed directly Charise… Thomas… So brave, so strong! A lesser man would have given in to Wee Jas’ call. Our courage held out, the fires were lit and we huddled next to the hearths warmth.

As I looked out past the haze I saw a maddening sight, the robed figure with webbed hands pulling darkness from the very air and using it to fight Mr. Ironhammer, Goody Wilder (in the form of a bear, and Mr Mittens riding her back), Mrs. Barber, and Mr. Von Caris (who was throwing energy skulls at the deamon). When it was overwhelmed and injured by the light of the torches the Creature seemed to fold space around its wretched form and disappear. The adults saw us and understood what we did.

Midnight: Church , 4th day of Ice

The night was so strange after that, it was all so surreal watching the dead and wounded brought to the church, and indeed all I could do was watch. I was exhausted from fighting … And killing two boys whom I knew in life. They were horrible, but thy did not deserve the fate they ultimately were dealt, the were just children, like me. But I don’t feel like a child anymore, that part of my life is over, that wonderful brief span where the greatest of my worries was reading a new book or avoiding the likes of Twig and Stephen… I wandered the Church and let my thoughts do likewise… I always do that when things get intense, it calms me a bit, but in my mental meanderings I remembered, it was nearly midnight it was time to make our sacrifice to Wee Jas… It only seemed proper that I gave the ring Mr. Ironhammer loaned us to the Goddess. I hope she accepts the offer with a smile, because the ring helped me protect my friends and no doubt it has protected countless adventurures before it’s journey ends here and I give it away to her willingly… After all Thomas said it was the journey of the item to the flame that the Goddess appreciates… I hope maybe this will please her. As my friends and I dropped our offerings into the fire, I knew at that moment we had a bond forged that would last to the end of our days… For better or worse.



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