Return To The Shattered Earth

Chariese's Journal 4

everything in the last year has been good. well some things good and some things bad, but most of the bad things had to do with recovering from what happened at DarkestNact. Kaleb’s funeral for instance. but all in all it’s like the town had been sick for years and years, and now it is getting healthy again.

it has been a little strange, because I kind of feel that there is something different about me, something different about the nine of us who fought. there is a weight on us, kind of like when you swim in too deep, that you just can’t describe to anyone who doesn’t feel it to. it’s hard to describe, but there are just some things that people who haven’t been through what we have been through cant understand, Serat and Idanara are as close to me now as Thomas and Gelid.

The people from downhill are mostly working with Jo’s family now that there are no jobs on mansion hill. they have mostly replaced the people who died, and the town is bustling and prosperous. We have new paved roads, the old marketplace has been torn down and a performance space put up in its place, so that both torch lit beacons can always see each other.

My brother and Lita got engaged! he really has a great sense of style, making all of the townsfolk run around thinking he had gone crazy by shooting arrows off the roof of the church! If I ever get married I hope that my man proposes as cool as my brother did!

it turns out that Jo  is a lot older than we all thought he was, like 19, and he got engaged to!  his girl actually proposed to him.  that was really neat,  she must have a lot of guts to do that.  he's much better now, and he is worshiping Kord  pretty strongly.

Gelid has worked pretty hard for Mr. Von Keros and he seems really happy about it. I can just tell he’s going to be a powerful wizard someday.

I confronted my aunt,  and demanded answers from her.  she told me that I had or part of the answers, but not all of them. That I would or not the rest of them later on this year. And then she gave me a map. It was a strange map, and it seemed to be marked weirdly,  but I was determined to figure it out.   its real complicated though.
at the darkestNact  celebrations Mr Iron hammer  gave us all,  that is the nine of us who fought  last year,  presents.  mine was a dagger that matched the one that Poppa gave me.  also in the box was a piece of amethyst, that  we figured out would fit perfectly on the compass Rose on my map.  once I figured out that I realized where we had to go, the Peninsula about three days walk from here.
I decided that we should all do it together, at least the kids my age.  so I organized an expedition including Me, Gelid, Thomis, Seratt, and Iyenanara.
it was really exciting to be going off on our own, but we're all pretty sure that the grown-ups not only wanted us to do this, but have been waiting for us to do this. Some of the grownups even slipped like my father that it has something to do with our destiny. Not sure I want to have a destiny!
anyway the first two  days on the road were really cool, we stopped the first night at my place. And I found out for the first time that Mama is actually a stark-smith.  I don't know why I never saw it before.  but that is really cool because it makes Joanna my cousin!

The second night we camped out, and everything went just fine. That is until an hour or two before dawn when Idanara woke us up saying there was a clerk across the river. We all thought that it was just another group of travelers and so we went back to sleep. It turns out that they were goblin slavers laid by some sort of strange jet black elf. it was a relatively hard fight, but we beat them pretty easily. they were nothing compared to the black tentacle things from last year. we freed the kids they had already taken from the next town up!

it took a full  day and a half to get everybody to the next town, but I feel really really good about having taken down some bad people who were going to turn helpless children into slaves.
I'm really getting excited about what we're going to find at the end of this trip!



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