Return To The Shattered Earth

Chariese's Journal 3

We knew that Darkestnact was going to be bad, we just knew it! We were right. It was every bit as bad as we thought it was going to be. But we started out calm and nice. Gelid Really wanted to let Mr. Von Keros to teach him, so Thomas and I went with Gelid up to his house. Mr.Von Keros gave him some sort of test, and told him that he had to solve it before the end of Darkestnacht. it didn’t take him till the end, he finished it before sundown! It only took him five hours. Mr. von Keros said that it’s stumped the fifth circle initiates! I was so proud of him I almost wanted to burst. I really don’t think I have ever met anyone as smart as Gelid is.

the competitions and stuff during the festival were fun, that is up until with the children's fighting tournament. Some of the kids, you have the ones you would figure like Carver and Annabel Stark-Smith  took it seriously and we were out to actually hurt people. When I came up against Carver  he just stepped backwards out of the ring, and pointed at me saying later. We all knew that what he was really doing was threatening to kill me.  things lightened up again briefly when I went up against his gnome guy who was pretending to be a child. I won! It was actually really fun, it wasn't so much like fighting as it was like dancing. I didn't win the whole competition though because Jo hit me much harder than I think he intended to and not be cold.
during the music competition, this really strange kid with a violin played some really creepy music. The guys and I noticed that  the end of the song he plucked nine notes in a backwards circle and one in the center just like the torch lit beacon. When he did that we all got really sick feelings in the pits of our stomachs.

We decided not to do the group competition, but this new. We met named Serat fought on the same team as Jo and some of the other cooler kids in town, including my brother. the orc women, you know Jo’s real mother gave him a symbol of the red eye, we were real concerned but he thought it was okay. It obviously wasn’t. During the team competition he was really lost it! And he hit the kid who was playing the violin far too hard! But from what the guys to say it wouldn’t have mattered anyway since they think he was dead anyway, some sort of un dead creature. Joel ripped off the amulet and we went with him as the guards took him to Mr. von Karros.

it was then that things started to go really wrong,  Mr. von Karros told us we had to find the violin, but not to touch it!  the new girl,  who is the Eliese's Half sister with us and Serat to look for the fire and. When we found it three of the bad kids have it, one was playing it however was guarding them, and Annabel was using a creepy necromantic candle and relating the torch lit beacon on mansion  hill  backwards, a sickly green fire was coming up and we knew it was very very bad. The fight is all a jumble, a couple of things I remember clearly  we all fought bravely and well. I'm pretty sure that I would have died if Gellid  hadn't jumped in and when he had.  and Joeanna Starck-smith  helped us.
we put out the bad fires, wrapped up the bad violin  and went back to the church.  or of the powerful grown-ups were obviously thinking in down hill  probably with Jo's mother.  we saw that there was a fire off the hill, where the older boys had run earlier  when we went looking for the violin.  we went off to help them. The house was on fire, there were monsters, it was all really really bad.  In the fight that followed  I had to leave the violin outside and go in to help.  When everything was said and done Kale and Serat where dead,  and the house had burned to the ground.  though we had managed to  relight the Elvin torch beacon.
when we limped back to the church again carrying our dead. The powerful grown-ups limped back to. Joeanna  Came in covered in blood, and had a bag of diamonds. She said there was only enough for one. When she saw that KAle  was dead she started to cry. We found out later that they were married in secret.  Crying she looked at Mr. Prichard and said you have to save the angel child don't you?  he nodded. At dawn 2 hours later Seratt  rose again from the dead.  he's one of us now as is idanarra.
I showed Gelid  how to cook eggs,  we did it on Mr. ironhammers forge  so that he could take breakfast to Mr. von Kiros.  I went with him to deliver them at dawn.  he went in for just a minute or two, I waited on the front steps. He came running out a few minutes later and said I should come with him he looked really excited. He led me to a big dining room where a huge breakfast was laid out. The two of us met with Mr. von Karros mostly in silence. Just as the sun came through the window I the held Gelid's  hand,  I felt little feverish from the night before, but his hand was nice and cool.  I wished him a happy birthday.



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