Return To The Shattered Earth

Chariese's Journal 2

days after the horrible attacks, at the beginning of Goddes Blush, I really thought that things were just starting to get back to something like normal. I mean the kind of are but some really strange stuff happened today. Even though everybody is really sad, and busy rebuilding things after the attacks, I’ve actually been kind of happy in a strange kind of way. I have real friends for the first time ever. I’ve been spending a lot of time hanging out with them, and helping out where ever we can around town.

when I remembered that I had packed the Boars tusks I decided I wanted to make the guy’s presnts, it only took a couple of hours to turn them into bracelets for the guys. I was just finished working on them when Galid showed up and said that Thomas had gone to downhill, and we should go to. On the way there he explained to me that almost 30 people had died in downhill the night of the attacks. That was real weird as the grown-ups had told us that only 30 people had died total. those people had been really grateful to us for lighting the torch lit beacon and had pooled together their money and bought us each a sun Rod! When we got there we realized that all the dead people they were burning, Were wrapped in blankets, and that that would mean they wouldn’t have enough blankets to sleep at night. We decided to pull together what money we had, and by then as many blankets as we could.

Turns out that Mr. Pritcherd didn’t even know, didn’t even know that many people have died in downhill. He would help us take things down there, and we should come back later that afternoon so he could go with us. He gave us a package to take to Mr Von Karis. he was the guy, who the other night was shooting flaming skulls out of his hands!

When we got to his house and knocked on the door, there was no answer. We told a passing servant that we had an important package for him and went inside. We so shouldn’t have done that! When we got inside the door closed behind us and wouldn’t open again. We looked in the bag, and we realized it was another one of those tentecley things in the bag!. It started to try to talk to us inside our heads, it finally got through to Jo and tried to convince him to let it out of the bag. We convinced him not to but we were real scared. The house looked all busted up and there was nobody inside, we decided to explore to see if we could find a way out. We found a room that was just covered in blood! We found a graveyard inside the house! We found a chest, Thomas said we should put the bag inside the chest so that the tentacle thing was less likely to get out. Gilad Tried to open it, he succeeded, but he got pricked by some sort of trap and I had to suck the poison out of his finger, just like Papa taught me to do with snakebites. It even tasted like snake venom.

We searched for hours it seemed like, there were a lot of really strange things in the house, I didn’t recognize half of it. We found a really weird room with some call kind of smooth tile all over it. Just off of the master bedroom. Geliad Tried to read Mr. Von Karis’s Journal, and it was like it exploded in his face. I really thought he was dead for a secon. he was actually hurt really really badly. We decided to go back to the front door, and wait for the grown-ups to come find us, after all they knew we were there. After waiting for a couple of hours, we realized that they weren’t coming we left a math for them on the front step, and went to go sleep in the chapel we had found. I don’t think I’ve ever spent a longer or scaryier night.

After we’d slept what seemed like all night, even though the sun never came up, we realized that nobody was coming to look for us and we would have to find our own way out. We eventually found a larder, which was really nice because we were really hungry. Then the only place left to explore was the basement. I really didn’t want to go into the basement but we didn’t have a choice. There was one room near the end of it, that really hurt my head to look at. And it must’ve really really her Geiled as well as he screamed and fell over. I thought maybe he was going to die again, but he didn’t. When he woke up, he was acting kind of funny, like the only thing that mattered in the whole world was learning things! I just knew that something in that room had messed with his head. Thankfully after we looked in just one more room Mr. Von Karis showed up behind us, and thanked us for releasing him from something called the space between spaces or something. The guyes seemed to understand just what he was talking about, well not Jo, but it wouldn’t make any sense to me. We told him we had left the monster thing in the white tiled room, and before you know it we were there! He started to float around, and do really cool magic stuff! He said he wished that Geliad hadn’t read his journal, and it was like he never had! He wished all of the damage away! he told us to go, Gelied didn’t want to, he was still acting real strange like before.

We almost had to drag him out of there, and took him to Mr. Pritchard. it seems that even though he had been gone all night outside of the house only about two hours had passed! Mr. Pritchard fixed Geliead up and he stop acting so funny! OH ya! I forgot to write down dead before we went to sleep in the chapel, when I kind of thought we might die, he gave the guys the bracelets I had made for them.

so after Geliead  was feeling better Mr. Pritchard and us went downhill, with the blankets. It was really strange once the folks down there realized that we were the kids that had lit the torch light beacon, it's like they couldn't get enough of us! It was kind of embarrassing. It was like they really really loved us a lot! We went to the little chapel, there was a half orc lady there as the priestess. Mr. Pritchard started acting really funny, and didn't seem to like her at all.

We talked to her a little bit about how Joe thought she was pretty, and asked her if there were any other half orc ladies like her down here, because Joe’s said that there was a really pretty lady with green skin in downhill. He said he saw her in his dreams, which I thought was kind of strange, when she was younger. Once I realized that she was the only one like that down here, and that she had never met Jo, I realized that she must have been his real mother. It was really strange so I didn’t say anything more about it and we left.

Mr. Pritchard said that we weren’t allowed to go down there anymore, well at least promise isn’t, Mr. Prichard isn’t my dad so I don’t have to really do what he says. He says that she’s a priestess of something called UR and that they steal from the gods commission point I don’t really see how that’s possible! After all their gods. I’m kind of curious to see what that means so I think it’s sometime later, probably after darkest Nact I’ve let it go talk to her some more.

when I finally got home, to  Aunti Evie's it all just hit me house gear he and weird today had been. I told her all about it, and then just like a big baby I started to cry. She was real nice about it though, and hugged me, and even made me some special  fruit custard!



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