Return To The Shattered Earth

Charese's hard Days night

boy am I glad that Momma taught me how to read and write, and got me my very own paper diary to keep my thoughts in. I know that I’ve never used it before, but the things that happened today, make me think that I’m going to want to write in it a whole lot more.

When I woke up this morning, I was really excited. I mean yeah Roean didn’t let me sleep in a tree like I wanted to, But we got to town in late afternoon. I always love coming to town, there’s always so much to do during the festival’s, and Antie Evie’s place is so much fun to stay during dark night. As soon as we got in I immediately ran out to go see what there was to see in the town center.

I saw those bully kids, you know the ones that are always picking on Jo, Twigg and that friend of his being led away by two town guards, the guards said they were in big trouble, and the kids kept saying they didn’t do it. I was real curious about what was going on so I decided to track them back to where they had come from. On the way I met up with Thomas Pritcherd and Galied, never really met Thomas before and never really said much to Galied, but they seemed real freaked out so I asked them what was happening, they even had another kid in a wheelbarrow.

they said that the two bully kids, were really monsters inside now! I mean they seemed real sincere about it, and if it wasn't for knowing there was weird stuff in the world, like Mr Mittens  I don't think I would've believed them, but it really seemed to me like they were telling the truth.  I told them that they should tell my aunt about what they'd seen, and it turned out to work out right anyway because Thomase's father had a note for Auntie Evie.
you I told her what was up,  what the guys had see.  And after she had got together the  Hearbs  and stuff for Mr. Prichard  she just for a second drop that frail  old Biddy  routine but she does for most folks, and told me to stay with the guys.  when I went back outside with the guys Roean  have a look on his face, you know look him and momma  sometimes get right before something bad is going to happen,  and told me to keep my knife  close.  well you know he didn't actually say it,  but I knew that's what he meant.
boy was he right, we weren't hanging out at the fire for more than five  or 10 minutes, when I heard that Jo  was having some sort of trouble. We ran  over and Jo  was  fighting  with the nastiest thing I've ever seen. It was like five Ells  all together  and they were trying to hurt Joe. The guy was an eye all jumped in. And just  pounded the snot out  of the thing. I was real scared, I mean worse than when I had to take on that mother bore all by myself.  we killd it then  for grownups got there.

That’s when things started to get really bad. We’ve started to blow the horn up on the roof of the Church, I saw that the beacon light was down on mansion hill and there was fighting happening up there. Auntie Evie turned into a big owl and flew off to hill with Mister mittens. I always knew that she could do something like that! I just knew it!

For a little bit I thought everything was going to be okay. The grownups were taking care of it now. Everybody was milling into the church, scared, and not knowing what to do. Roean was being totally cool, protecting the church from the roof. Auntie Evie was out fighting what was ever on the Hill. I knew, I just knew that I had to do something to help. Me and the guys grabed lanterns and ran out to light fires with a beacon fire wasn’t hitting to keep the darkness at bey.

we'd just gotten one let, and going real good when we heard fighting. We ran over to help. The next couple of minutes, well, it was real bad. I mean I thought the tentacle thing earlier in the day was going to be the worst thing I've ever seen in my whole life. I was so wrong. The boys that had been led away by the guards earlier that day, were fighting a group of the older boys. And it was real clear, that  the guys were right! It was a believe them anymore. We fought them, they tried to kill us, but... we killed them. I mean they were real and nasty boys. Always picking on everybody. But they didn't deserve that. Somebody should have protected them, but all we could do was kill them to make sure that they didn't hurt anybody else.

Just about when we’d finished, killing them, and the things inside them ( ) said that we had to get the torches relit. So after we got the injured back to the church, to put out my lantern, and re lit on the hearth fire in the center of town. I was just going to run the fire straight up to mansion Hill, but the guys, are much smarter than me! Yelled at me that we had to do it like the real writing ritual. So we all took off running, me, Thomas,Galied, and the older guys, at least the one still standing. I don’t really remember much of the next couple of minutes real clear. I remember running I remember lots of times nasty things with tentacles came out of the darkness once or twice I had to fight them off myself. Most of the time however the guys who were running with me behind my back. They made sure that none of the tentacle things could get me so that we could get the fire to wear it needed to go, and we light the fires to drive back the darkness.

we got the fire is lit in the right order, and I know that Thomas jumped in front of one of those fireballs that would've killed me why I was doing the lighting. It almost killed him! The grown-ups, including Mr. iron Hammer, and a big bear  I just knew was my Auntie Evie  were fighting something, but I didn't look too close. I just knew it was going to be something horrible.
when all was said and done, I know that us lighting the beacon fires again turned the tide of battle. I just know that if it hadn't been for me and the guys working together to make it happen that the town would've been taken over by the dark. But every single one of us would have ended up all inside just like the bully boys. I think me and the guys are going to be friends forever and ever.



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